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Supernatural 5x01 Review

FINALLY the 5th season has begun and I'm so exicited what we gonna see now. The first episode of this season was amazing I really enjoyed it. I can only say the old good time is definitely over. *sigh*
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I can only say a fantastic episode and looking forward for the next ones. SUPERNATURAL IS FINALLY BACK!!! ♥

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I'm finally back!

Yeah, it's been a while, but now I'm finally back, and I'm very happy about it. ♥
Well I've changed a lot, as you can see. LOL

First of all I have now my own graphic community motionsgraphics , you can find there my graphics and stuff, not here! :D

The second thing is, I keep my private journal and now it is a private journal. I've changed my lay here, btw, hope you like it :). I'll post here from time to time stories and experience from me. But this entries will be locked, so you have to friend me and get a acceptance from me, to see them. Comment to this post if you like to friend me.

I'm looking forward to write with you guys again and do stay tuned. LOL ;D


~ Phil